Check new campus Web site for news on early DST, computers

Beginning this March, clocks in California and most of the country will be set ahead earlier than they were last year, thanks to a 2005 federal law that extends Daylight Saving Time (DST) by four weeks. This change affects the way computers, applications and other electronic devices report the correct time.

To help faculty, students and staff understand what steps they may need to take, Information and Educational Technology has written a directive and created a Web site with advice and information. Go to the site to find:
  • Information about the new DST rules for 2007.
  • A table that identifies the patches and updates available for various operating systems. platforms, applications, mobile devices, etc.
  • Links to vendor DST patches and updates.
  • Other helpful links and resources.
IET will post updates when available about operating systems, campus systems and commonly used devices. It advises members of the campus community to be cautious, and to work with their departmental technology support staff, before applying DST patches.

IET also advises campus members to carefully review any meetings and appointments falling within the expanded DST date ranges, and to communicate with everyone invited to the meetings--on campus or not--to make sure the event is accurately shown on everyone's calendar.

This year, clocks are due to move ahead one hour on March 11 and move back one hour on Nov. 4.

If you have questions or need more help, please contact the IT Express Help Desk at (530) 754-HELP (754-4357). Or email