Check Your Email On The Web(Hypertext student newsletter)

This story written by Mara Abrams, a senior in Communication and Psychology, was originally published in the Summer 2004 edition of the Hypertext quarterly student newsletter. Go to http://scg/hypertext/2004summer.pdf to view a downloadable PDF of the entire newsletter.

Web-based email is an easy way to keep your messages organized and can be checked from any computer with a functioning browser. The MyUCDavis portal ( lets you send, receive and store email in manageable folders.

The campus runs spam-filtering software on all "" email messages. The system automatically identifies and marks suspicious email with a ranking based on how likely it is to be spam. To fully benefit from this service, you must follow a simple configuration procedure so that unwanted email will be moved into a eparate "spam" folder and away from the legitimate messages in your inbox. Complete instructions on how to do this are available at

There is a quota on how much email can be processed through your "" account. UC Davis allows a "soft" quota of 40 MB and a "hard" quota of 45 MB. If you reach your soft quota, you will receive an email warning, and your email will bounce if you do not get below the soft quota within three weeks or if you exceed your hard quota, whichever comes first. You can get quota information by looking at the upper right of MyUCDavis' email frame. Many students store their email on their computer through email programs like Outlook or Eudora. You can configure these programs to delete messages from the UC Davis server after a set number of days, thereby ensuring that you will never exceed your quota.

If you have an off-campus account where you would prefer to get your email (such as Hotmail or AOL), redirect your "" mail to that account. See for more info. For other useful tips on managing your email, visit the Student Computing Guide at or the campus email Web site at