Classroom Tech Team Caters Classrooms to Professor's Technology Agenda

IET-Classroom Technology Services (CTS) continues to provide the best in classroom technology support and resources to UC Davis faculty. Most recently, IET-CTS has adapted two classroom sound systems to benefit a course in Technocultural Studies.

Professor Bob Ostertag initially ran into technical difficulties when trying to play electronic music recordings for his Intro to Technocultural class. Properly playing the music requires stereo with channel separation, equipment not present in either Chemistry 179 or in Hart Hall, where Ostertag will be teaching come Spring.

To aid Ostertag, IET-CTS staff have adapted Chemistry 179 and are currently adapting the Hart Hall computer classroom so Ostertag's students can experiment with achieving spatial effects in stereo, an effect similar to surround-sound in TV.

If you find that the equipment present in your classroom does not meet your needs, IET-CTS may be able to help. Please direct inquiries to Rick Sprunger of IET-Classroom Technology Services at (530) 754-9056 or