Color printing now available in six computer rooms

The campus has begun to offer color printing in more locations.

Starting this quarter, Computer Lab Management offers laser color printing in Meyer Media Lab (1154 Meyer), 1131 Meyer, 1101 Hart, 1102 Hart, 75 Hutchison, and 93 Hutchison. Only Meyer Media Lab had it before.

The copies cost $1.50 per page, starting with the first page. Glossy or plain paper stock is available, in 8.5-by-11 inch size only.

The pricing structure is different than it is for black-and-white copies, which are free to students, staff and faculty for up to 60 sheets per quarter. After that, sheets cost 6 cents apiece, although the charge is not billed until a client prints 91 sheets. (A two-sided black-and-white copy counts as one sheet. A two-sided color copy, however, costs $3, or $1.50 per side.)

Computer Lab Management is part of the Academic Technology Services department of Information and Educational Technology. Read more about printing in the computing rooms here.