Complimentary Email Forwarding Service

The campus now offers an expanded email forwarding service, which allows you to have your incoming mail automatically sent on to a new address for as long as you like.

Graduates, retirees and others leaving the campus since the end of the 2004-2005 academic year can take advantage of this optional and complimentary service by registering at Click the "Begin" button on the left and off you go...

Not So Fast!
\tBefore signing up for email forwarding, do yourself the favor of signing up for the Online Password Reset Service. This way, if you forget your password after having left UC Davis, you'll be able to change it, because you will need it to renew the Email Forwarding Service every other year.


Visit, select the "Change Your Password" button, and click on "Begin." Note: You must change your password (or go through the motions of changing it by entering the same password as your "new" password) prior to setting up the identity verification questions.