Computer and Network Scanning Measures Update

For the past month, Information and Educational Technology (IET) has been scanning computers connected to the campus network for specific security vulnerabilities and infections that have negatively affected businesses and public institutions nationwide. Scanning has been successful at significantly reducing the risks of damage to the campus network. On the first day of scanning, nearly 500 infected systems and 600 vulnerable systems were identified. Today, about 100 vulnerable systems and 60 infected systems have been found. While scanning for Welchia infected computers will continue indefinitely, scanning for Windows Remote Procedure Call (RPC) vulnerabilities (which allow attackers to access and execute code on the target computers and can compromise the system) will continue only through the end of October. Scanning will focus on vulnerable computers that are used to log on to secure campus Web applications. If your system is determined to be vulnerable, you will continue to be denied access to the campus network until you have repaired your system. \tIf you are unsure of whether you have an infected or vulnerable computer, use the Windows Vulnerability Check site at If your system is determined to be vulnerable, instructions will be available from the vulnerability confirmation page. Additional vulnerability resources are available at Also, a special CD, the UC Davis Microsoft Windows Security Fix CD remains available, free of charge, at IT Express (182 Shields Library), the Bookstore Computer Shop and other locations around campus. For additional assistance, contact IT Express by phone at (530) 754-HELP or in person at 182 Shields Library.