Computer room printing will cost more starting Sept. 21

Budget cuts have forced the price of printing to rise in campus computer rooms starting Sept. 21.

The new price for black-and-white printing is 11 cents per two-sided sheet, and free printing will come to an end. However, anyone printing 30 sheets or less per quarter will have their bill waived, as long as they do not print more than 30. But once they print 31 sheets (or more), they will be billed for all 31 sheets, plus any others they print during the quarter. This is referred to as 30 "grace" sheets.

These changes essentially make the printing operation self-sustaining, and will allow us to keep our high-demand computer labs open for the students. More importantly, this will still provide a service to the students that is less expensive than any other options we are aware of, to meet our students' printing needs, said Liz Gibson, director of Academic Technology Services for Information and Educational Technology (IET-ATS).

IET met with Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Lora Jo Bossio, Associated Students of UC Davis President Joe Chatham, two ASUCD senators, Graduate Student Association Chair Malaika Singleton, and GSA representative Adam Costanzo to discuss the budget effects on printing, and to work together to find a solution that would best suit the students. The new rate schedule was the result. It allows students who cannot afford printing to print at least their papers and assignments (up to 30 double-sided sheets) each quarter, as long as they do not go over that limit.

Color printing will still cost $1 per page, starting with the first page. Color printing is priced per side, meaning a two-sided color printout costs $2.

Computer Lab Management, part of IET-ATS, operates computer rooms in Hart, Hutchison, Meyer and Olson halls, the Memorial Union, Shields Library, and Sciences Laboratory Building. An extensive Web sit e lists schedules, locations, availability and other services.