Computer rooms cut price of color printing to $1 per page

Here's a bit of good economic news: The campus has lowered the price of color printing in computer rooms to $1 per page. It had been $1.50.

"The cost of providing the service went down," said Tim Leamy, computer lab manager for Academic Technology Services in Information and Educational Technology. "We switched to new color printers that were cheaper to run. Also, since usage went up, the fixed costs are spread over more pages."

IET offers laser color printing in Meyer Media Lab (1154 Meyer), 1131 Meyer, 1101 Hart, 1102 Hart, 75 Hutchison, and 93 Hutchison. It installed the new printers last summer, and increased the number of printers per room from one to four. As a result, volume more than quadrupled, from 695 copies printed in fall 2007 to 2,944 copies in fall 2008.

The price cut kicked in Jan. 1, Leamy said, but is retroactive to fall 2008 because IET had not yet sent out bills for that quarter. The reduction is the first price change since the computer rooms added the color printing service in the fall of 2004.

Glossy or plain paper stock is available, in 8.5-by-11 inch size only.