Computers Upgraded In Many Campus Computer Rooms

As part of a three-year equipment cycle, Computer Lab Management (CLM) purchased and installed 137 computers for use in various computing facilities used for instruction. The computers were also installed to meet new standards set by the group for on-campus computers. The group installed 59 Dell Optiplex towers and 78 Apple iMacs in four computer classrooms, one open access lab and one media facility. DVD-ROM drives became a standard component on iMac computers to support the campus? effort to move more instructional materials to DVDs. In addition, Dell computers with flat-panel screens were purchased as a new computer classroom standard. This standard was implemented to increase desk space and enhance interaction in the classroom, since the previously used standard monitors have hampered students? sightlines and occupied a large amount of desk space. The new iMac computer comes with a flat-panel screen as part of its all-in-one design.