Contingency Plans Developed for Potential Avian Flu Pandemic

UC Davis is hard at work on a plan to keep the university up and running in the event of an avian influenza pandemic. The UC Davis Business Continuity Plan for Avian Influenza is being developed with contributions from each of the deans and vice chancellors, all of whom have been asked to appoint a workgroup and submit their individual emergency plans by July 1. A planning guide has been developed that includes a template and questionnaire that each workgroup must fill out, and several two-hour workshops are scheduled to help workgroups along. The campus's Pandemic Management Team and Emergency Management Advisory Council will then have until September 1 to integrate the information into a single plan, looking for common issues and preparing solutions for the entire campus. As part of these planning efforts, IET is preparing a technology continuity plan and options for mitigating telecommuter access issues in the event of a pandemic (