Contract Signed for Electronic Research Administration System

The system, called InfoEd, will enable electronic submission, review, approval, and tracking of research grant proposals. A contract has been signed with InfoEd International Inc. This initiative has been conceived and organized as a multi-stage project, with new systems and processes being implemented at phased intervals based upon the three InfoEd Contract & Grant modules: Proposal Tracking, Proposal Development, and Project Management. As of May 2005, implementation has begun on the first phase, the Proposal Tracking module, which will replace the existing campus Contracts and Grants database. Completion of this phase is scheduled for January 2006. Implementation of the Proposal Development module, which will enable the lead faculty member to create and manage proposals online and route them electronically for approval, is scheduled for 2007. Implementation of the Project Management module, which will allow information stored in the InfoEd system to be linked to various campus systems (i.e., DaFIS, Faculty Merit & Promotion system, Cost Sharing and Effort Reporting systems), is scheduled for 2008.