Contracts and Grants Database Replaced with New Proposal Tracking Module

On March 27, the Office of Research, in collaboration with IET, replaced the existing campus Contracts and Grants database, maintained by the Sponsored Programs Office, with the new Proposal Tracking module. This marked the completion of the first phase of the Electronic Research Administration (eRA) Project. Sponsored Programs and Deans' Offices for the College of Engineering and the School of Education are now using this Proposal Tracking module, replacing redundant shadow systems, and providing suggestions for small enhancements. In July, the focus will shift towards the second phase--Proposal Development module--which will enable proposals to be created, managed, and routed for approval online. Implementation of the final phase--Project Management module--is tentatively scheduled for 2008. This module has the unique capability of linking information stored in the eRA system to various campus systems (i.e., DaFIS, Faculty Merit and Promotion system, Cost Sharing and Effort Reporting systems).