Critical Security Update for Internet Explorer Browser

On December 1, 2004, Microsoft? released a cumulative security update which addresses a recently discovered "iframe" vulnerability in its Internet Explorer Web browser. Installation of this security patch (MS04-040) will correct a vulnerability that could permit an attacker to gain control of a susceptible computer. Once this control is gained, the attacker could install programs, read and/or modify data, or establish new accounts on the vulnerable computer.

If your computer uses Microsoft Windows NT?, Windows? 2000, Windows? XP/Service Pack1, Windows? 98SE or Windows? Millenium Edition, it is recommended that this patch be applied as soon as possible. Microsoft reports that computers using Windows XP/Service Pack 2, or Windows Server 2003 are not affected by the vulnerability. The patch can be downloaded from the reference cited below.

Free installation compact disks for upgrading from Windows XP/Service Pack 1 to Windows XP/Service Pack 2 are available at several campus locations. These locations include IT Express, in the Shields Library, and campus computing labs.