Data Center service outage Dec. 21 will have broad campus impact

Various UC Davis computer services and Web sites will be unavailable on Dec. 21 from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. while the campus Data Center upgrades its equipment and does some maintenance work. Sites and services ranging from SmartSite to email and the MyUCDavis Web portal will be affected.

Servers in the Data Center store data for various important campus operations. During the eight-hour outage, all online connections between the center's machines and the rest of the campus will be suspended--meaning that any service or site using those servers will not be available.

The Data Center chose the morning of Dec. 21 because it's a slow time of the week during a slow time of year for the campus. The fall quarter ends Dec. 12, and the winter quarter won't start until Jan. 2, 2009.

The list of affected services and Web sites is extensive. The partial list includes:

  • Geckomail
  • MyUCDavis
  • MyUCDavis course tools
  • DaFIS
  • SmartSite
  • CAS (and all sites relying in it for access)
  • Distauth (and all sites relying on it for access)
  • Email (in and out)
  • XEDA
  • Banner
  • EDRS
  • Computing Accounts
  • DHCP
  • LDAP
  • Listproc
  • Wireless authentication
  • MySpace
  • MyTravel
  • MyInfoVault