Digital Lecture Recording and Distribution System Pilot Proves Popular

In an effort to improve recording and distributing lectures, Computer Lab Management, along with other IET units, piloted a digital lecture recording and distribution system during Fall 2005. The primary goal for the pilot was to find a digital recording and distribution solution that was as easy for faculty to use as the existing cassette system. The pilot began with four classes: two recorded digitally for the entire quarter and the others recorded one or two class review sessions. One class's lectures were also simultaneously recorded to cassette as a comparison to help gauge student preference for digital files versus cassettes.

Digitally recorded lectures were distributed via the MyUCDavis portal. Additionally, one course's lectures were also distributed via a podcast site, which supported both subscription and downloadable files. Based on usage as well as student and faculty feedback, this pilot underscored students' preference for digital files over traditional cassettes as well as their propensity to use these files as a learning aid. The pilot will continue during Winter 2006 with the addition of two large classes that have used the cassette-based recording system extensively in previous quarters. Classroom Technology Services and Mediaworks continue to collaborate to improve the digital recording and distribution workflow, and promote this new service to the campus community. For more information, contact (530) 752-3553.