Distauth Log-in/Log-out Form Rollout a Success; Further Improvements on the Way

The Distauth Log-in/Log-out Form rolled out to the user community on schedule in September 2004, and several departmental offices currently using the form are reporting good results. This Web application allows end users to authenticate to secured sites without storing user name information in the Web browser. The form-based log-in application also completes an effective log-out from the secured site, not possible with previous Web browser authentication. During Winter 2005, IET-Middleware will roll out further improvements, as early feedback recommends reducing the related links and support information. This small but significant change encourages end users to focus on the primary activity for the form?logging in or out of a secured Web site.

In Winter 2005, Middleware will roll out the form-based log-in application for MyUCDavis and Geckomail. Changes will also be made to the campus Distauth Web site, including an update of technical descriptions and end user documents.