Do Not Disturb? Dealing with Email While Out of Town

If you're heading out of town this summer, there are a few ways of dealing with your email:

Send Out a Vacation Email Message You may want to set up a vacation email message, automatically informing anyone who emails you that you are away and not checking your mail regularly. To do so, visit and follow the simple directions. Note, however, that the vacation message will be sent to anyone who writes you, including spammers and viruses, which may increase your spam and the number of error messages you receive while gone.

Check Your Mail While Away The simplest way to check your UC Davis email while away from your home or office is via Geckomail, the campus Web-based email client. Alternatively, you can have your campus email forwarded to another account, such as your home DSL or cable modem account or a Web-based account such as Yahoo! or Hotmail; visit, click on "Redirect your email address," and follow the instructions provided.

What About Electronic Mailing Lists You Belong To? If you receive messages through an email list, you can put your subscription on hold by sending an email in plain text to with the body of the message reading "SET MAIL POSTPONE." This function suspends delivery of list messages to your email account. To remove the hold and receive list email again, email with the message "SET MAIL."

Don't Forget to Check Your Quota! Remember that your UC Davis email account has limited space for storing messages, so to avoid going over your quota and losing new emails, you should check your email once a week--not necessarily to answer messages, but to delete those you don't need. You can find your email quota on the Web at Just enter your UC Davis login ID in the "Email Quota Check" box and click the "Check Quota!" button.

Happy Trails. . .