Don't Make "Password" Your Password!

It's hard to organize numerous passwords, so we can understand why you'd try to make them easier to recall. The problem is, easily-remembered passwords are often easy to crack. Here are some suggestions for creating a secure password:

  • Don't use common dictionary words.
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. A Kerberos password, for example, must include a capital letter, lower case letter, symbol, and a number. Try this with your other passwords.
  • Turn letters into numbers or special characters. Use "1" for L or "/-\" for A.
  • Combine several words. While "LovelyFamily" is easy to guess, "LFoavmeilyy" (alternating letters of the words) is difficult.
  • Make a picture! "@;-)" Doesn't that look like Jack Lord winking?
  • Utilize password management software. Programs such as Password Safe and Password Corral manage, securely store, and help you effectively use your passwords. What's more, they're free, though those who run these systems ask for donations to keep them in service.
  • Create an acronym. Combine the first letters in a list of names, sports teams, or a favorite-but hard-to-guess-quote. While "ILY" is not hard to guess, TLTSTF (The Lakers traded Shaq, those fools!) is.