Draft UC Davis IT Strategic Plan, List of IT Projects Available for Comment

On December 1, John Bruno, Vice Provost for Information and Educational Technology (IET), shared with deans, vice provosts and vice chancellors a draft of the campus' Information Technology Strategic Plan, along with a list of proposed IT projects for 2003-05. This strategic planning effort was initiated in early Fall 2002 when John Bruno and John Meyer, Vice Chancellor for Resource Management and Planning, circulated the first draft IT Strategic Plan among key campus advisory committees. The draft outlines a vision, priorities, goals, and sample initiatives designed to advance the mission of the university with regard to teaching, research, and outreach. This effort coincided with, and built upon the development of a strategic plan for the campus. Both the draft IT Strategic Plan and the list of IT projects are available from the UC Davis Information Technology Strategic Plan Web site (see http://itstrategicplan.ucdavis.edu).