Drown, Jones, to chair key campus tech subcommittees

Two campus Technology Infrastructure Forum subcommittees will have new leaders starting Sept. 29: Anthony Drown and Ken Jones.

Drown, a programmer who provides computer support in Languages & Literatures in the College of Letters and Science, will chair the TIF-Client Support Issues Subcommittee. Jones, director of Computing Services for the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering, will chair the TIF-Security Subcommittee.

Peter Siegel, vice provost for Information and Educational Technology and chief information officer for the campus, announced the appointments this week. He praised the subcommittees' outgoing chairs, Pam Davis and Chip Mrizek, as "true professionals who have served the campus technology community with dedication and commitment."

Siegel's full announcement follows:


Dear Colleagues:

It is my great pleasure to inform you that we have selected new chairs for two of our TIF subcommittees. Anthony Drown, from Languages & Literatures in the College of Letters and Science, has agreed to serve as Chair of the TIF-Client Support Issues Subcommittee, and Ken Jones, from Computer Science in the College of Engineering, will head the TIF-Security Subcommittee. Both appointments will officially take effect on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 to coincide with the first meeting of the TIF general membership for the 2010-11 academic year. Both terms are renewable annually for up to two years.

Over the course of the next few weeks, our current chairs, Pam Davis and Chip Mrizek, along with the IET sponsors of the two subcommittees, Morna Mellor and Bob Ono, will work closely with Anthony and Ken to orient them to their new roles and to ensure a smooth transition. As we prepare to welcome our new chairs to their new roles, I want to recognize the outstanding work of the TIF-Security and TIF-CSI Subcommittees over the last couple of years under the leadership of Chip Mrizek and Pam Davis. Chip and Pam are true professionals who have served the campus technology community with dedication and commitment. Their efforts have been essential to improving our campus IT infrastructure, programs and services. On behalf of our campus, I thank them for their excellent leadership and contributions.

Under Anthony's and Ken's direction, the TIF-CSI and TIF-Security Subcommittees will continue to provide advice and recommendations to IET and will play an important role in support of our goals of establishing a more standardized approach to information technology. As in the past, the subcommittees will help facilitate communication between campus departments and IET; identify priorities regarding IT security plans and client support issues; and recommend improvements, projects, and initiatives to IET to benefit campus academic and administrative departments. In addition, as chairs of the CSI and Security Subcommittees, Anthony and Ken will be joining our TIF steering team and will help set priorities and directions for the broader TIF.

Support for the TIF-CSI will continue to be provided through the IET Data Center and Client Services unit, with Caryn DeMoura as IET liaison and Morna Mellor as executive sponsor. For the TIF-Security Subcommittee, Bob Ono will continue to serve as executive sponsor on behalf of IET. Working with Anthony and Ken, Morna and Bob will have overall responsibility for the effective management and success of the two subcommittees.

I want to thank all those of you who sent in your nominations for these positions. We will have an opportunity to introduce Ken and Anthony at our next TIF general membership meeting later this month. In the meantime, I encourage you to join me in welcoming them to their new roles.


Peter M. Siegel
CIO an d Vice Provost
Information and Educational Technology