Elluminate/Connect Pro decision due

IET-Mediaworks/Classroom Technology Services has finished its review of Elluminate and Acrobat Connect Professional (formerly Breeze Meeting), two software products that help people meet and work together online. It isn't ready yet to endorse one or the other for broader campus use.

Mediaworks has run pilot tryouts with faculty for both programs during the past year. "The evaluation is complete, and it is going to two committees for input and ratification involving faculty," said Liz Gibson, Mediaworks/CTS director, in May. "We will discuss our thoughts on a recommendation to the campus, and obtain their feedback. When that is complete, we will have an announcement for the campus," perhaps as soon as June.

The two committees are the Technology Infrastructure Forum and the educational technology subcommittee of the Campus Council for Information Technology.

"Online communications and collaboration tools can be used for many different purposes," Gibson said, in the areas of instruction, research, outreach and general business meetings--allowing users to watch presentations, share software applications, or do similar tasks, without having to travel. Find more information here.