Email service resumes as administrators stay watchful

Campus email systems worked almost normally on Monday, a positive sign after problems rendered about half of the campus's 52,000 email accounts at least occasionally unavailable most of last week.

Check the status of the system here.

As announced on Friday, system administrators spent the weekend moving thousands of campus email accounts to additional servers. Spreading the load over more servers prevented the recurrence of a problem that had impaired one of the two main servers, ms1.

Email functioned normally Saturday and Sunday, when demand for service is low. The return of the work week brought the first real test of the new setup. Monday at 11 a.m.--typically the peak demand of the day--passed without the system going down. Mail delivery was suspended around 11:30 a.m. for about an hour while the system performed an internal check, but clients could still connect to retrieve messages that had already been delivered. By 1 p.m., ms1 was accepting email again.

Administrators are closely monitoring both the system and the level of service calls to the help desk. They are confident they now know what caused the problem, and long-term solutions are being evaluated.

To report problems or get help with email, contact IT Express at (530) 754-HELP.