The ET Partners program, which supports faculty use of instructional tech, is returning

Information and Educational Technology is re-activating its ET Partners program, which employs students to provide instructional technology support for UC Davis faculty.

"Our goal is to have the students start in January," said Faculty Technology Training Coordinator Steve Faith, who will supervise the students. "We plan to hire up to 12, depending on the qualifications of the applicants."

In its listing for the job, IET-Academic Technology Services seeks to hire students who are tech savvy "and, even more important, can communicate complex topics clearly and confidently." Applications are due Dec. 15, but ATS plans to reopen the position listing in January once students settle in for winter quarter.

The students will have various duties, all focused on faculty and technology. A big assignment will be helping instructors learn about and use the next version of the campus learning management system (a decision about the future of the current LMS, SmartSite, is expected at the start of winter quarter).

Other tasks include briefing instructors on new technologies, writing documentation, creating video tutorials, providing communications and logistical support, and working on other web- and print-based projects.

The ET Partners program previously existed from 2001 until 2010, when it ended during budget cuts. ET stands for "educational technology," and the service included teaming students with faculty members to support a project or to provide tech assistance. The program has evolved, but the goal established in 2001 still applies: "to help foster a better grasp of educational technology tools available to enhance the teaching and learning process at UC Davis."

Andy Jones, academic associate director for IET-Academic Technology Services, and a continuing lecturer in the University Writing Program, is in charge of the program. Read more in this post on The Wheel.