Facilities Web-based Ordering System Deployed with Support from NBA

On December 8, 2003, the Facilities department released the updated Operations & Maintenance Web Work Order System. The new system, developed in collaboration with the New Business Architecture (NBA) project team, is designed to make submitting, tracking the progress of service requests and monitoring charges easier and more secure. In addition to being available from the Facilities Web site (http://facilities.ucdavis.edu/), the system is accessible via the campus Web portal, MyUCDavis. The NBA Project Management Office and Change Management Team assisted the Facilities Project Team with project management, user change readiness assessment as well as planning for and development of communications and training prior to the roll-out. Members of the UC Davis community may access the system by logging in to http://facilities.ucdavis.edu/ and entering their Kerberos passwords. For more information about this new system, see http://nba.ucdavis.edu/FacilitiesAnnc.pdf.