Faculty Merit and Promotion Project Gaining Momentum

The 2005 Faculty Merit and Promotion project, led by Academic Personnel with support from IET, is gaining momentum. The feedback from the pilot (involving forty-five campus departments) has been very positive, and several other units have already expressed interest in joining this effort. The MyInfoVault application was originally developed by the Center for Health and Technology in the School of Medicine, with the goals of simplifying the assembly and review of faculty merit and promotion portfolios and building a repository to support re-use of the data (e.g., for grant applications, curriculum vitae). The pilot, designed to evaluate the possible campuswide implementation of MyInfoVault, focuses on four types of actions: re-delegated merit actions, building packets, curriculum vitae, and use of the NIH BioSketch form. Recent statistics indicate a high level of usage (e.g., over 330 administrative/clerical accounts and 1220 faculty records created as of early March, and 53000 publications entered into the system). The next big milestone for the pilot will come in July 2005 when a go/no go decision for a broader campus deployment will be made (see http://media.ucdavis.edu:8080/ramgen/IET/MyInfoVault.rm).