Fall and Winter Podcasting Pilot Enormously Successful

This past winter, IET expanded and refined the campus digital lecture recording and distribution pilot program initially launched in fall 2005. One of the improvements made was the installation of a permanent digital recorder (Marantz PMD570) in the 123 Science Lecture Hall's media cabinet. In addition, the number of users in the pilot grew substantially this winter as IET helped podcast lectures for 13 undergraduate courses. Of the 2,500 students enrolled in these courses, more than 1,900 students uploaded MP3 lectures or subscribed to the course podcasts. For Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior courses, 65 percent of enrolled students downloaded and used podcast/MP3 lecture materials. Thanks to podcasting, IET is distributing over 330,000 MB of MP3-streaming content per month, an increase of 280,000 MB per month since last December. Learn more about campus podcasting at podcast.ucdavis.edu.