Federal Agency Advises Heightened Cyber Security (2/14/03)

During a time of increased international tension, illegal cyber activity: spamming, web defacements, denial of service attacks, etc., often escalate, according to the U.S. National Infrastructure Protection Center. The origination of this activity in respect to locations and/or individuals or groups can vary given the broad Internet community. However, the NIPC warns that as tensions rise, it is prudent to be aware of, and prepare for this type of illegal activity. The NIPC further advises owners/operators of computers and networked systems to increase their vigilance in system monitoring, be aware of methods to block any new malicious programs and follow good system administrative practices. Such practices would include applying all security patches, ensuring anti-virus programs are current and backing up all critical data on a regular basis (see: http://www.nipc.gov/warnings/advisories/2003/03-002.htm). The NIPC serves as the U.S. government's focal point for threat assessment, warning, investigation, and response for threats or attacks against our critical infrastructures. These infrastructures include telecommunications, energy, banking and finance, water systems, government operations, and emergency services. Robert A. Ono, CISSP Information Technology Security Coordinator University of California, Davis (530) 754-6484 Desk