Fight the Spam

Are you sick of all that unsolicited e-mail? Does the sight of your mailbox make you cringe more than opening a can of pseudo-pink mystery meat? Since spam is both an annoyance and a security risk, UC Davis has recently enhanced the campus spam filtering service. What's more, the addition of Allow/Deny Lists now permits users to specify certain email addresses from which they will always or never receive mail.

Set up the Spam Filter
Visit and follow the instructions under "Campus Spam Filtering."

Allow/Deny Lists: Refine Your Spam Filtering Service
After setting up the spam filter, you can set up Allow/Deny lists at This service allows you to specify a specific e-mail address that will always bypass the spam filter (allow) or one that will always be forwarded to the trash (deny).

Set up Eudora, Outlook, and Other Email Client Users
If you use a third-party e-mail client, you can still set up the spam filter; however, you should also visit the manufacturer's Web site to find the specialized filters that they provide.