A friendly reminder to all Aggies: Protect your e-privacy

Reminders to protect your privacy are showing up all over campus this academic year, in places ranging from the Memorial Union to the personals section of The Aggie.

The notices are part of an Information and Educational Technology campaign to help people keep current on how to protect their personal information from thieves, hackers, spammers, and other electronic eavesdroppers.

The first phase addresses phishing, and fulfills an IET commitment to present an awareness campaign to help counter the phishing scams that periodically disrupt campus email services. External Internet providers will continue to cease delivery of all campus-related email if university email accounts are used to generate high numbers of phishing messages.

Phishing messages pretend to come from a legitimate source, often a bank and sometimes UC Davis. The hoax typically urges recipients to fix a "problem" by writing back with their password, log-in name, or both. Fall for the trick, and the scammer who sent it can turn your email account into a gusher of spam, or steal your electronic identity.

UC Davis will never ask you to disclose your password by email or phone, so if you receive an email that makes that request, delete it.

You can read more about the Protecting Privacy campaign here. The site offers resources, links, a dissection of a phishing message that tricked people at UC Davis in April 2009, and other useful information. You can also find a downloadable version of the Protecting Privacy poster recently displayed on the first floor of the MU.

The Aggie personals section carried anti-phishing ads from October 2009 through mid-January. Between now and June, Protecting Privacy messages are also planned for bulletin board fliers, YouTube, and posters at other campus locations.