Get a notice when outage ends by following Data Center's Twitter account

Campus email and other central computing services will be unavailable during the Data Center electrical upgrade that begins Dec. 26. To receive a message when services are restored, follow the Data Center's Twitter account, @UCDavisStatus.

Information and Educational Technology created the account to distribute computing network service notices without having to use the campus network. That ability is especially useful when the network is unavailable.

IET will also post tweets to @UCDavisStatus if unforeseen events develop during the shutdown.

Other ways to know when the Data Center shutdown is over: Check the network status page for updated information, check the outage update information at, click on computing services to see if they are available again, or look in your campus email inbox. Messages held during the outage will be delivered to your account after the upgrade is finished.

The upgrade will start at 7 a.m. Dec. 26 and take up to 48 hours, although the project team expects to finish much sooner if no unforeseen problems occur. Read more at