Getting Organized--The Digital Way (Hypertext Student Newsletter

This story written by Stephanie Polizzi, a junior in English & Italian, was originally published in the Spring 2005 edition of the Hypertext quarterly student newsletter. Go to to view a downloadable PDF of the entire newsletter.

Being a college student can be stressful; there's always so much to do! Get your homework done on time; remember when your club meets, buy a birthday present for Mom--the list goes on and on. One way to reduce your stress is to let the Internet handle your workload. Yes, the Internet--that creation that has distracted you many an evening from what you were supposed to be doing. MyUCDavis and outside Web sources offer online services that can make college life a little easier.

Never forget an important event! The My Planner channel on MyUCDavis allows you to keep track of classes, doctor's appointments, club meetings, or any event you choose to record.
Get the weather forecast. The Local Weather channel on MyUCDavis displays the current weather and will also take you to's ten-day forecast.
Store your files. Share up to 100 MB of class-related files with your fellow Aggies by using MyUCDavis' MySpace, located in the My Tools tab.
Catch a movie this weekend. Did you know that MyUCDavis offers a channel displaying all Davis movie listings? To add it to your MyUCDavis layout, go to "quick customize" at the bottom of the Web page, select the Davis Movie Listings channel, and click "add."
Visit class Web sites. MyUCDavis' My Classes channel lists all your class essentials, including links to class Web sites and when your finals are.
Print out your essays. Use the IET Computer Rooms channel on MyUCDavis to see how many sheets of paper you've printed this qu arter and which computer rooms have open seats. To add this channel to your MyUCDavis layout, go to "quick customize" at the bottom of the Web page.

Find out when the bus arrives. Keep losing your Unitrans bus schedule? No problem! Just visit and view the schedule online.
Hunt for next year's apartment. Visit ASUCD's Community Housing Listing to look for a roommate or a place to live. You may also post your own announcement if you're looking for someone to fill an empty space.
Get a new job! Tired of flipping burgers? Head to and search for a new job on- or off-campus.
Sell your books. Get cash for last quarter's books at the ASUCD Virtual Market. Are they already for sale at the ASUCD Book Exchange? Check the Book Exchange Web site to see if anyone's bought them.

There are some Web sites outside of UC Davis that can help you stay on track. Here are just a few of the many available.
Remember important birthdays and your anniversary. At you can have friends and family enter their birthdays, which will then be stored in your account. The site will email you a reminder one week before every important date.
Eat healthier. Are ramen and pizza mainstays of your diet? If so, you might need to broaden your nutritional horizons a bit. Visit a Web site like, where tons of yummy dishes are searchable by topic and keyword. Your stomach will thank you for it.
Sell your stuff online. No luck selling your books on campus? Try a service like or You might be able to sell these and other goods at a higher price, given that you'll reach a much broader audience.