A Glossary on Web Browser Features

Browser Tabs: This feature allows multiple pages to be opened in one window.

Web Downloading Control: Some browsers can prevent the automatic downloading of files from the Web onto your computer. Additional download controls include those that inquire where you would like downloaded programs to be placed; this option could prevent files from being downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge.

SSL Certificate Checking: Some browsers are able to check the validity of an SSL certificate (an electronic signature that identifies a site as trustworthy) and warn you of untrustworthy or revoked certificates.

Pop-up Window Blocker: This feature automatically stops small pop-up windows from appearing, and contains the option of turning the feature off for certain sites.

Third Party Cookie Blocking: This feature blocks cookies from sites you don't actually visit, but that are connected in some way to sites you do - for example, from advertisements on sites you go to.

Site-Level Control of Cookies: Most browsers can block cookies, which are small pieces of data that Web sites use to keep track of your surfing habits at those sites.