Handy Web Sites for Students (Hypertext Student Newsletter)

This story written by Mara Abrams, Senior, Communication and Psychology,Suzanne Beck, Senior, History, Jeff Lagasca, Senior, Psychology and Stephanie Polizzi, a junior in English & Italian, was originally published in the Spring 2004 edition of the Hypertext quarterly student newsletter. Go to http://scg.ucdavis.edu/hypertext/2004spring.pdf to view a downloadable PDF of the entire newsletter.

Below are a few Web sites our student team has visited while at UC Davis. This is only a short list, and sites are changing all the time, so your mileage may vary.


  • FatWallet (www.fatwallet.com): Includes a huge coupon database so you can save money while shopping, and an online forum where you can search for tips to maximize your money.
  • Best Book Buys (www.bestwebbuys.com/books/): This Web site compares textbook prices from a number of online bookstores, including half.com, amazon.com, and others.
  • Student Advantage (www.studentadvantage.com): Here you can purchase a $20 student advantage discount card, which provides one year's worth of discounts at Greyhound, Amtrak, Barnes & Noble, and many local stores.


Online Communities

  • Live Journal (www.livejournal.com): keep a blog, read other peop le's blogs and interact!
  • Davis Coeds (daviscoeds.com): Allows you to introduce yourself to other UC Davis students with similar interests.

School Stuff and Other Useful Sites

  • Oxford English Dictionary (www.oed.com): We've all had to read ancient poems from centuries past, but we may be getting the wrong definitions to archaic words if we're consulting a modern dictionary (e.g., Merriam-Webster, etc). This dictionary imparts definitions of everyday words as they were used centuries ago.
  • Spark Notes (www.sparknotes.com): This student-run online forum provides Cliff's Notes-style observations of literature, as well as message boards where stumped students can help each other analyze literature and poetry.
  • Community Housing Listing (chl.ucdavis.edu): Need a place to live for the summer or fall? This ASUCD Web site hosts apartment, house, or roommate listings which can be browsed for free. You may also post your own listing for a fee.
  • Student Job Listing ( jobs.ucdavis.edu): Here students can browse campus job listings, and local off-campus employers (also accessible through the "UCD Resources" tab on MyUCDavis).
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