High-Speed Networking Committee Formed

The UC Davis campus, under Provost Hinshaw's leadership, is developing a multi-disciplinary public health initiative designed to ?make a significant contribution to the state and the nation in support of efforts to combat infectious diseases and ensure the safety of the food supply?and to build centers of excellence that will carry its research and clinical training programs to new levels of excellence.? The capabilities of local, metropolitan, regional, state, and national networks will be a key component of such initiatives, and awareness of the scope and capabilities of such networks will suggest and foster new interdisciplinary approaches in public health and safety. With this in mind, Provost Hinshaw has formed a small group of faculty and administrative leadership to advise her on the development, integration, and use of high-speed networking as it relates to the creation and multi-disciplinary research and educational initiatives such as the Public Health Initiative. Vice Provost Bruno and Tom Nesbitt, Assistant Dean, UCDMC will co-chair the new high-speed networking committee.