Hypertext Student Newsletter: MySpace--Your Campus Life Saver

This story, written by Aldrich Tan, a sophomore in English & Asian American Studies, was originally published in the Winter 2004 edition of the Hypertext quarterly student newsletter. Go to http://scg.ucdavis.edu/hypertext/2004winter/winter04.pdf to view a downloadable PDF of the entire newsletter. Major

Imagine this: your term paper is due today and you are sitting in a computer lab, waiting to pop your floppy disk into the computer. All of a sudden, you realize that you actually brought the floppy disk containing your r'sum? and not your very important historical Cold War analysis, which is due in one hour.

A hair-tearing scenario such as this can be avoided with the use of MySpace, a file-storage tool within MyUCDavis. MySpace provides up to 100 MB of storage space for your files so you can access them from any computer with Internet access. You can upload any type of file, including Word documents, graphics, design files, or PowerPoint presentations. What's more, the files and folders on MySpace are completely secure.

You can create public and private folders, add friends and grant them as little or as much access as you want, move files, make copies and even download directly to your computer's hard drive or view files in your browser.

You can also create groups. This feature is perfect for group projects; simply add members to your group to share files with all the group members. No more hassling friends on the phone about whether they've' finished their part of the project yet, because you can easily view it online or download it to your desktop.

To find MySpace, log into MyUCDavis, click the ?My Tools? tab and then ?MySpace.? Don't wait until the week eight crunch: start using MySpace today!