IE8 campus compatibility test results now available

Information and Educational Technology, working with about 20 campus volunteers in and outside the department, has wrapped up several weeks of tests to see how well Microsoft's latest Web browser works with various widely used applications at UC Davis.

The browser, Internet Explorer version 8, was released on March 20. The IET Microsoft site offers links to a compatibility matrix, licensing information, and more. Results of the IE8 campus testing can be found here.

"We sincerely thank everyone who participated for their time and contributions," said Sarah Robertson of IET Client Services' Software License Coordination unit. IET has previously arranged similar tests for Microsoft's Vista and Apple's Leopard operating systems.

Robertson would appreciate hearing from anyone else on campus who is testing IE8. "If you plan to test an application or service with IE8 and would like to post your own compatibility results online," she said, "please contact us at"