IET announces organizational changes

Information and Educational Technology (IET) has announced important changes to its organization starting July 1.

  • Gabe Youtsey, a key planner and project lead on major IET initiatives, will become the interim assistant chief information officer, "emphasizing early and ongoing collaboration on major initiatives, including new and critical services," said the announcement from Pete Siegel, campus chief information officer and vice provost for IET.
  • Trisha Edgerton will become program manager for joint Sacramento-Davis information technology initiatives. The position is a partnership between the UC Davis Health System IT group and IET, on behalf of the Davis campus. Edgerton has helped develop major IT initiatives for the California state government. Her first assignment for UC Davis will focus on the Identity and Access Management Initiative.

These changes accompany the retirement of Assistant Vice Provost Dave Shelby, who steps down June 28 after 12 years in IET and more than 30 years at UC Davis. Siegel's announcement celebrates Shelby's service, and thanks him for his contributions.

\034"With Dave's departure, we focused our attention on determining the key priorities and leadership roles we needed to fill," Siegel said. "[Our strategy] builds on the significant complementary skills and expertise of several individuals, many of whom will be familiar."

Other IET leaders, including Director of Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure Services Morna Mellor, have gained new or expanded responsibilities; hers include becoming IET's lead officer on the IT Shared Services Initiative, and a formalized role as senior director for production services. Read more about all the changes in the announcement.