IET Back To School Announcements

All Grades To Be Submitted Online Beginning This Fall

Beginning this quarter, the campus is requiring that all final grades be submitted online. Grades may be submitted at or via the Gradebook in MyUCDavis. For help, see Gradebook Tutorials, attend a training sesssion, call IT Express (754-HELP), or schedule individual training at The Arbor (754-2115). During finals week, visit the ?Grading Clinic? at the Teaching Resources Center in 17 Wellman Hall

Wireless Access to Campus Network Expands

Wireless access to the campus network continued to expand over the summer. New wireless access points include the ARC, the Silo, the Wellman Lounge area, Bainer Hall, Kemper Hall, the Medical Science Caf?, and several more. For the most up-to-date coverage maps, see

Full-time Banner Trainer Now Available

The campus has hired a full-time Banner trainer who has an extensive background in software training and development. Lana Dancy, the new trainer, teaches the ongoing Introduction to Banner Navigation and Queries class, as well as the newly developed Banner: Error-free Create-a-Person class. She is also developing curriculum for future classes including, SISWeb: the Student's Perspective; Banner: Population Selection/Letter Generation; and Banner: Suspense-Record Handling. Banner users will be notified by email as these new classes become available. Additionally, Dancy will be working with core client and deans? offices on business-process analyses to improve system efficiency and reduce the workload for all Banner users. She is available for either one-on-one or departmental training, and can be reached by telephone at 757-3278, o r by email at

The Introduction to Banner Navigation and Queries class is offered on a monthly basis (check here for the schedule). Registration for the Banner: Error-free Create-a-Person class is through the SD&PS Web site.

Student ID Numbers No Longer Social Security Numbers

In an effort to further protect student identities, the remaining students whose primary campus ID number had been their Social Security number were given a new computer-generated student ID number over the summer. The result of this effort is that no Social Security Numbers are now being used as Student ID numbers on campus.

Hardware and Software Upgraded in Computer Rooms

As part of an ongoing effort to provide stable and reliable software, the operating systems in 415 computers in campus computer rooms have been upgraded to Mac OS X and Windows XP. IET-Classroom Technology Services also installed 170 new computers in five computer rooms. For more information about computer rooms, see

Faculty Technology Guide Web Site Revised

The Faculty Technology Guide Web site has been revised to include comprehensive technology resources for the campus, a technology checklist for faculty new to campus, and an expanded FAQ.

More 10-Minute Computer Stations in Olson and Meyer

To help meet increased demand for drop-in access to campus computer rooms , five stand-up, quick-access stations were added to 15 Olson, and two quick-access computer stations were added to the Media Distribution Lab in Meyer. There are now 35 quick-access 10-minute computer stations available in the campus computer rooms.

Color Printing Now Available in The Meyer Media Lab

Responding to a long-ter m request, color printing is now available in the Meyer Media Lab at 1154 Meyer Hall. Campus users will be charged $1.50 per sheet. Click here for location, equipment, and software information for the Meyer Media Lab.

RecommendedMinimum Computer Specifications Updated

The campus recently updated the recommended minimum computer configurations for 2004-2005. These recommendations provide specific details about how fast your computer should be, how much disk space you need, and other related specifications. If you are planning to purchase a new computer that will have a two-to-four year life cycle, visit

Need Help with MyUCDavis? Contact IT Express!

IT Express now supports the course management tools in MyUCDavis, including Website Builder, Gradebook, and Quiz Builder. The Computing Help Desk is open 8 A.M to 6 P.M., Monday through Friday for telephone (530-754-HELP), email ( and walk-in support(182 Shields Library); and 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. Saturday and Sunday for walk-in support only. The Teaching Resources Center also provides instructors with training and assistance with MyUCDavis course management tools.

Get Connected with The 2004-2005 Internet Tools CD

The latest edition of the UC Davis Internet Tools CD provides an easy way to configure your connection to the Internet through UC Davis, as well as the most convenient way to get the programs you'll need to use that connection, including anti-virus, email, telnet, FTP, and Internet software. With this software package, you can create a new account from home, automatically configure dial-up, DHCP, and ResNet Internet connections, and access an online manual that includes complete software tutorials. Best of all, the UC Davis Internet Tools is supported by IT Express, the ce ntral campus computing help desk. The CD is available at the UC Davis Bookstore Computer Shop for under $10. Click here for more information.

Campus Computer Rooms Implement New Print Quota

The free print allowance in campus computer rooms is now 100 pages per quarter. Printing in excess of 100 sheets (200 pages front and back) per quarter will trigger a bill that will accrue at five cents per sheet. Click here for more information on IET computer room printing policies.

Stripping Email of Harmful Attachments

You've' probably heard that you should be careful when opening email attachments because they could include viruses. This is good; however, you'll no longer have to rely on a hunch. To assist you, the campus is putting up another layer of defense by by blocking 34 dangerous file types (such as .exe and .pif) from entering your UC Davis email. These file types are rarely used for legitimate purposes and have helped spread some of the most recent virus attacks, such as MyDoom, Klez, and Bagle. Under this new system, when somebody attempts to send you an email with a restricted file type attached, you'll receive the email without the attachment. A replacement attachment will inform you that the original, unsafe attachment was removed and will list options available to you should you wish to retrieve the file. If you commonly share any of the file types blocked by UC Davis (click here for a complete list of restricted files), consider using Web-based file sharing (e.g MySpace) or making use of removable media such as diskettes or CDs. Click here for more information about email attachment filtering.

Forget Your Password? Reset it Online

The new online password reset feature allo ws those with a campus computing account to reset a forgotten Kerberos password from their computer using an automated Web-based process. This feature allows account holders to select two or more identity verification questions that will later be used to identify them when they return to change or reset their passwords.

To set up this feature, account holders who know their Kerberos passwords should go to and select ?Change your password.? Those who have forgotten their passwords prior to setting up online password reset will need to take a photo ID to the IT Express office in 182 Shields Library to obtain a new password before setting up this feature. For additional information, please see the Online Password Reset FAQ.