IET-Classroom Technology Services Moving Staff Offices, Service Desk to Surge II and Surge IV

From June 23 through July 3, IET-Classroom Technology Services will be moving their staff offices from Art Annex to Surge II and Surge IV.

IET-Classroom Technology Services provides a wide range of campus computing and technology resources, and includes Computer Lab Management, Campus Printer Repair, Multimedia Equipment Support, and the Classroom Tech Team.

With the exception of the Classroom Technology Services help desk (which will be relocated to Surge), only staff offices will be moving, and the move will not affect other Classroom Technology facilities like the campus computer rooms.

According to Jan Dickens, Director of IET-Classroom Technology Services, the move is being conducted in four stages, with different people/groups moving in each stage. ?During this time, access to email and telephone messages will be disrupted,? says Dickens. However, ?we are striving to provide seamless service, with summer school and special events as our top priorities. Please be patient with us (and persistent!) during this time.?

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