IET communications unit wins 5 more awards

Three pieces of media created by Information and Educational Technology--a video podcast on security, a set of posters for Unitrans buses, and a tutorial on cybersafety--have won five awards from a nationwide group that focuses on information technology services in higher education.

The video, created by Leejay Abucayan and written by Phil Riley, won "best of category" among student-created promotional materials and an "award of excellence" in the promotional video/audio category. Judges called it a "benchmark entry for student-created podcasts."

The bus ads, designed by Rich Wylie, won an award of excellence in the student category, plus another award of excellence in general service promotional materials.

The "UC Davis Cyber-safety Basics Tutorial," designed and written by communications analyst Julie McCall, won an award of excellence among electronic how-to guides. Judges called it "a well-organized and well-presented PowerPoint presentation turned to PDF."

Abucayan and Wylie have since graduated and are working as professional designers. Riley, an undergraduate, continues to write for IET.

SIGUCCS, the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services, will present the awards as part of its 2008 conference this month in Portland, Ore.

The IET work was created by the Information and Events unit of Data Center and Client Services; the unit has won 26 awards from SIGUCCS since 2000, including 12 since 2006. Previous winners include student and faculty tutorials, the IT Times (ineligible this year because it won best of category last year), how-to guides, the Internet Tools CD, and the bus posters.