IET Completes the Cutover of Network 21 & ResNet Replacement Project

The ResNet Replacement occurred in 112 buildings with connections for 5,000 +/- NAMs. The project started on July 1, 2002. The equipment installation start date was delayed until June 2003 because of a change in the model of the electronic equipment. The project cutover to the new equipment was completed September 15, 2003.

Following the cutover to the new equipment in the core area of the campus, the previously-installed older version of the Gigabit equipment in the outlying area of the campus was replaced with the newest version used in the core area. This required the replacement of 342 edge devices in over two hundred locations and the replacement of the control cards in the ADFs and BDFs. The work was completed November 24, 2003 and allowed for the inter-connection of the links between all ADFs and the Network Operation Center. The final work to establish the out-of-band network management system via terminal server procurement and installation will be completed in winter quarter. (For more information on IET-Communications Resources projects, see