IET Continues to Develop Person Registry

The goal for the Person Registry project continues to be one of creating a single repository into which UC Davis constituents? identity information can be entered and maintained, and which can serve as a source for other administrative systems on campus. This would reduce duplication and points of access to information, and it would improve accuracy of identity information. The team is on course to build a local match routine that will be embedded in the Registry as a single source of identity resolution and management. The match routine (Match-Person) is expected to be ready soon for internal testing. In a parallel effort the team continues to evaluate proposals sent in response to a Request for Information released in spring 2003. The team expects to conduct testing for IET members in early fall and subsequently prepare for an end of the year limited production implementation. The next large efforts for the Registry project team will be consultative efforts to assist administrative systems in converting their embedded identity management routines to search the Registry. The first targeted system for the conversion is the Banner Student Information System.