IET Evaluates Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Software from Vendors

IET released a request for proposal (RFP) for a commercial email anti-spam/anti-virus and SMTP routing solution. Proofpoint was selected from among eight proposals as the finalist to undertake a confidence test at the Campus Data Center. Testing indicated that Proofpoint filtered 3 percent less spam than the solution that is currently in place. Consequently, given the significant pricing differential with other products, the decision was made to cancel the RFP. Efforts will still be required to find an anti-virus solution by the end of June. Trend Micro has announced a new anti-virus product, and opportunities to extend the existing campus agreement with Trend are being pursued while Clam AntiVirus is being evaluated as a possible alternative. The next phase of the email upgrade plan is to evaluate a Sun Microsystems solution for back-end mail storage and Web-based email. UC Office of the President has a contract with Sun and, pending a successful evaluation of Sun's Java Communications Suites, this would allow a solution to be in place by fall quarter. The campus is also discussing the potential of offering Microsoft's MSN LiveMail service to students in fall 2007. The project team completed the technical evaluation of the service but discussions with various student groups need to be undertaken prior to reaching any conclusions.