IET-Mediaworks Shifting Towards Digital Art & Photography Services

To meet changing campus technology needs and expectations, including the transition from traditional art and photography to digital formats, IET-Mediaworks will be restructuring its graphic art and digital photographic services over the next six months. As fewer and fewer campus members use traditional film photography, usage of these services has decreased significantly. Accordingly, a few services will be discontinued starting July 1, 2003. These include color film processing, 35mm slide mounting and duplication, poster-sized prints, custom matting and picture framing. IET-Mediaworks will continue to operate a fully functional digital photographic studio, and offer a number of digital image services (digital photo printing, 35mm high production scanning, image enhancement and color correction). The staff in IET-Mediaworks is looking forward to the shift towards digital art and photography. "We are poised to embark in a direction that will provide the campus community with full 100% digital support,? says Charles McDonald, manager of the IET-Mediaworks Photography Group. ?That's exciting. As one of the leading research institutions in the country, we believe that the decision to go 100% digital is the correct one,? says McDonald. While there may be a brief adjustment period, McDonald expects that IET-Mediaworks clients will be pleased with the changes. ?Computer hardware & software applications now allow us to extend the influence of digital technology for production purposes,? says McDonald. ?We anticipate that faculty support will actually increase as digital photography replaces traditional film services." For more details on this restructuring and the latest information about IET-Mediaworks Art and Photography services, visit the Web site. If you have further questions, visit Mediaworks in Surge II or contact the Mediaworks Customer Service Team by phone (752-2133) or email at media