IET moves out of South Davis location

On Dec. 16, Information and Educational Technology is moving its largest office from 3820 Chiles Road in South Davis to 260 Cousteau Place.

The Chiles location, built as an insurance company headquarters in 1965, is also known as PSL for former owner Pacific Standard Life. IET has used the building since 1999.

No phone numbers are changing because of the move. Nor is the relocation affecting the locations of IET's on-campus offices, including Academic Technology Services, IET's computer rooms, the Chief Information Officer's office, Data Center, and the Network Operations Center. A handful of employees at 3820 Chiles who are not moving to Cousteau are moving to other existing IET locations.

IET has offices off campus because as an administrative unit, it does not need campus locations to provide many of its services. The Cousteau office will be home to IET's project management, business and client service offices, among others, as well as programmers working on enterprise and infrastructure applications, and web development. These same groups have been working at 3820 Chiles.

Another large IET location is the Communications Resources office on Apiary Drive in West Davis, near the campus airport. Communications Resources oversees the campus telecom network.

UC Davis rented 3820 Chiles for many years, and the lease included an option to buy the building at the end of the agreement. UC Davis bought the building, then sold it, leading to the move. IET will occupy the first floor of the northwest corner of 260 Cousteau; other UC Davis tenants in the building include the Shared Services Center and the Contracting Services unit of Accounting & Financial Services.