IET pandemic site has info on working from home, online instruction, more

Information and Educational Technology has created a pandemic planning Web site. It offers a work-from-home guide, information about online instruction, and a summary of IET's plans and preparations to mitigate the effects of a pandemic on critical campus operations.

IET's statement explains the purpose of the site, and invites feedback and questions:

"IET is committed to supporting the campus during disruptions, whether in the form of a pandemic, natural disaster, or other threats, by striving to maintain the availability of critical technology services, by offering guidance on how to access these services remotely, and by directing the community to specific campus units for other critical services."

"This IET pandemic Web site was developed in collaboration with the campus emergency team and IET staff. As more information about the H1N1 flu becomes available, and as we get more feedback from our community, we will add new instructions and new resources. To help us make this site useful and valuable to all faculty, staff and students, we invite you to submit your questions, comments and suggestions. Email"