IET Participates in Tower of Youth Program

In continued support of the Tower of Youth program, IET-Computer Lab Management supplied software setup, a computer classroom, and a facilitator for an all-day training class on the Discreet Combustion 2 digital video compositing software. The training was held on a Saturday during normally closed hours, in the 1102 Hart Hall multimedia computer classroom. The class was instructed by a professional trainer from Discreet, and facilitated by Computer Lab Management. Twenty-five Sacramento-area high school teachers and digital arts professionals who assist with the Tower of Youth program throughout the year attended, including one UC Davis design instructor. The all-day session provided hands-on experience for the attendees and gave them a chance to work through examples to get comfortable with the software. This experience will help the attendees pass the tools and techniques on to their local high school digital media arts programs. For more information on the Tower of Youth, click here.