IET Provides Live Simulcast of President Clinton?s Speech at UC Davis

The UC Davis Mondavi Center Distinguished Speakers Series featured former President Clinton on November 17. To accommodate crowd overflow, IET and a number of other campus units arranged for a free live video simulcast of the speech to a crowd of 650 people in Freeborn Hall. \tA Communications Resources (CR) team laid three fiber-optic feeds between the Mondavi Center, and used a video production truck and a news-satellite truck at Freeborn Hall, where a borrowed video system with specialized projectors beamed Clinton onto a 20-foot screen. Due to security regulations set by the President's Secret Service team, IET established multiple back-up sites for the production trucks and installed land phone lines at all production sites to accommodate Secret Service protective measures. \tIET Mediaworks provided the live two-camera videotaping of the event. From the control room of the Mondavi Center, Mediaworks also fed a separate video and audio signal through another switcher to a second dedicated fiber link to Freeborn Hall, in case power in the production truck was lost. \tThe video of the speech is archived online at It can be viewed using Real Player. See also the IT Times story at