IET revises computer security Web site

In an effort to highlight some core cyber-safety practices, and to make frequently used resources more readily available, several pages on the computer security Web site have been updated and redesigned.

The revisions include:

--The main page, which has a new emphasis on Cyber-safety Basics, including resources useful for people who are new to the subject.

--The Cyber-safety Basics page, which now focuses on the top seven security practices all computer users should follow.

--The sysadmin resources page, which has been streamlined to showcase frequently used tools and references (authentication required to access this page).

--The training page, which has been reorganized, and the FAQ, which has been expanded. Each is now easier to scan and more useful than before.

Next steps for improving the security site include reorganizing and redesigning the Cyber-safety Program policy pages (found here) in time for the 2008 cyber-safety reporting cycle.

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