IET Space Planner Chris LaVino to Return to UCSB After Extended Stay With IET

After voluntarily prolonging her short-term appointment as Space Planner for Information and Educational Technology (IET), Chris LaVino will be leaving the Davis campus on December 12, 2002, and returning to her long-time home of Santa Barbara. In her three years with UC Davis, LaVino worked with nearly every IET unit and several campus departments to coordinate many important projects, including the relocation of several IET groups, the renovation of the computer classrooms, and the planning and development of the future IET Building. ?Chris? extensive experience with managing the unit relocations and other space issues that arise in a campus environment have proven greatly helpful in the past few years as IET has continued to evolve,? says John Bruno, UC Davis Vice Provost for Information and Educational Technology. ?Her professionalism and deft handling of the logistical challenges of space planning and development have placed IET on the right path as we work towards the construction of the IET Building and the South Campus Enterprise Zone.? A colleague of Dr. Bruno while at the University of California Santa Barbara, LaVino originally came to UC Davis in a temporary capacity, with an initial appointment scheduled to last only six months. When it quickly became apparent that IET would be involved in several unit relocations on campus and have the opportunity to work with campus on the development of the South Campus Enterprise Zone, Dr. Bruno asked her to extend her stay, and she did, for nearly 3 years. However, family considerations and the lure of home ultimately proved too great. ?It was not an easy decision to leave UCD, as I have very much enjoyed working here,? shares LaVino. ?IET is a GREAT organization filled with wonderful colleagues. I'm returning to Santa Barbara for mostly personal reasons. It was my home for more than 20 years and I very much miss the ocean (there's not much sandy beach in Davis), the climate and living conditions in the area. In addition, my Mom lives in Santa Barbara and is needing more assistance as she gets older.? LaVino will be taking on a new position at UCSB that is quite similar to her role in IET. As Assistant to the Provost for Space in the College of Letters and Science, she'll be responsible for space and facilities, which includes overall space planning, construction of new buildings, major renovations and department relocations. ?The new position sounds very intriguing and will hopefully be filled with new challenges and growth.? Recognizing that interest in the proposed IET Building is very high among staff members, LaVino offers quick reassurance: plans for 'the IET Building will not be affected by my departure. They will proceed as planned once the campus Long Range Development Plan is approved by the Regents late next year.? Dave Shelby concurs with Chris? assessment, noting, ?Chris has made tremendous progress toward planning and coordination for a new IET building. We're now well prepared to pursue this.? Dave Shelby and John Bruno have been meeting with Chris to ensure critical projects stay on track. While excited about her new opportunities, LaVino hopes to stay in touch. ?I will truly miss folks here and hope that we will have numerous visitors to Santa Barbara!? For those who would like to say farewell, Chris can be reached via email at